Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3//Cool Day and New Sweaters!

Here's a horrible-quality picture of what I wore today! Pretty boring haha but yep.

(flannel - boyfriend's, really cool knitted tank top - Urban Outfitters, skirt - Styles For Less, necklace - LA County Fair)
EDIT: Actually, the picture turned out to be a huge jerk and didn't work, but I didn't save wasn't too great though, so oh well haha.

I also went to the thrift store FINALLY after school today, and got four new sweaters!

(going to paint this one with metallic silver fabric paint, because there's no way i'm paying $35 for the ones at H&M)

(hard to get a picture of this one due to horrible lighting and a webcam, but it's ribbed but you can't seee)

(this one's my favorite! it's actually navy blue and it's so soft)

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