Tuesday, November 22, 2011

5//Thrift Store

So I finally got to go to the thrift store again today, and for all six things, it came out to $13 and change!

This is just a black and white striped long-sleeve, with two little snaps up to the collar.

This is another long-sleeve/sweater, and a detail shot to show the awesome painting on the front. It actually looks hand-painted, really.

And a really cool 3/4 sleeve. It's a blue-ish purple color, and the back looks like the bottom square (solid dark blue).

This is an adorable cropped short-sleeve. I love the lace around the collar, and there's even a little white ribbon bow in the center.

Then my rad new sweater, the sleeves are so weird, they're big around the arms and then are small and fitted around my wrist, and the sweater itself is also pretty wide, but I love it. Plus that's my sister in that second picture, and a detail shot of the diagonal stitches.

Lastly, my new favorite shirt/jacket. It's basically just a button-up, but it's a bit thicker and it kind of feels like suede, but it's not haha. It's way too big on me, but I like that style. It even has pockets on the sides, and on the inside (sort of). That second picture is a close up of the random pineapple embroidered on the left cuff!