Wednesday, February 15, 2012


SO due to the fact that I hardly spend any of my Christmas money, and I got a good amount of money for my birthday this year (it was my 18th birthday so I guess that makes sense), I somehow accumulated about $460! Of course, some of it is going to go in the bank or else I'll eventually spend it all, but I was shocked once I counted it all up!
Since then, I've actually gone to the mall a couple of times (which is NEWS because I usually only shop at thrift stores) because I've gotten a few gift cards to H&M and Forever21. That being said, I've also been going to the two thrift stores I'm frequently at, at least once every two weeks or so, and picked up an item or two each time.

From CottonOn:
(this soft, beige, batwing sweater. it looks super awkward in that first picture but i'm sure you all know what a batwing sweater really looks like? the second picture is just a close up.)

From Forever21:
(this is just a sheer cobalt blue and black striped button up, the second picture shows it's color better...sort of.)
(thissss i'm really excited about! it's a really light and airy tank top, the front is this thin crocheted looking(?) design as seen in the second picture, and the back is a long chiffon-type material.)

From the thrift store/s:
(first, just a little floral vest...which i still don't know how to style yet!)
(then this denim-like button up, which sadly doesn't have a collar so i basically can only wear it unbuttoned all the time.)
(this isn't a very good picture but it's a white button up with random stripes all over it. what i like the most is that the stripes are actually sheer when the rest of it isn't!)
(this is ANOTHER striped button up, but it was originally too big length-wise and had caplet sleeves which i wasn't much of a fan of. i do like how the pockets are horizontally striped while the shirt itself is vertically striped! also, it kind of seems a bit american apparel-ish to me?)
(this is another one that i'm really excited about, it was such a great find! it's a black sheer button up, with velvet floral print! also, the buttons are a cool orange/blue color which makes me think of space. it's a bit too big for me and is pretty long, but i definitely think it was too good to pass up!)
(i just bought this today; it's a denim button up tank top. i've really been looking for a big denim vest or a denim jacket that i can cut the sleeves off, but so far i haven't found the perfect one. this is a bit too fitted for my taste, but i actually happen to like the way it looks! i'm glad i bought it even though i feared that it would be too tight and uncomfortable.)

From Robert Wayne Footwear:
(ok so i didn't really buy this with my money, they were a birthday gift from my mom, but still. MY DR. MARTENS CAME IN!!! they're still really stiff and they hurt my toes a bit, but i LOVE them!! you can see a close up in the second picture. i'm soo happy with them!)

From myself!
(last night was a glorious day when i FINALLY finished knitting this sweater! it's white and fuzzy (joann's sensations: angel hair) and a little bit cropped? i'm not toooo happy with the way it turned out..i love the sleeves even though i wish i'd made the cuffs tighter. but the way that the bottom falls looks awkward to me if i'm wearing anything loose underneath. and the collar is what makes me the most upset, because i forgot to shape it into an oval, so now it's basically just a rectangle, and i cast off my stitches a bit too tight so now the very end doesn't stretch at all. overall, i think i like it...if i decide that i hate it later, i'm thinking that i might just sell it?)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

8//Birthday Shopping

My birthday was on the first, so I'm finally 18 wow! It still hasn't set in that I'm an "adult" yet, probably because I still don't drive so it isn't too much of a milestone for me.

I went to the mall today because I was SUPPOSED TO get some Dr. Martens, but they didn't have my size (size six is pretty small, yah) so we just ordered it and I'll have to wait "probably less than a week and a half" until it ships in! These are the ones I'm getting:

Aren't they beautiful??

Anyway, while we were at the mall, we also went to some little shop called Body Basics or something like that, and I got these tights and also some black shorts.

Then, I went to H&M and exchanged some pants I had that were too big, got a silky black button up, this denim skirt (which I plan on either dying a darker blue, or black), and these AMAZING platform vans-type shoes (which remind me of creepers which is GREAT because I want a pair)!