Monday, July 25, 2011

A Few Things I've Made This Summer..

 an ear cuff attached to an earring
 an ear cuff attached to an earring with feathers
 an actual ear cuff
a crocheted vest (inspired by that one from H&M that everyone has, haha)
a fuzzy black vest
also the tank top (half black, half gray)
and cut up this dress
(basically this)


Alright, so I figured that I should do a post about myself, since I only have one post on here.

So, that's me haha. My name is Celina, I'm 17.
Like I said before, I pretty much only have this blog so I can follow other bloggers haha.
I would definitely post on here more often, but I don't have an actual camera, I only have my phone camera, so it'd be really bad quality anyway.
SO yep that's me!