Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1//Rainy Day

It rained today in Southern California, so for the first time it wasn't hundreds of degrees out, yay!
I decided to make a legitimate outfit post because I kind of loved my outfit today.
Since I've been following people on Blogger and subscribing to some really good fashion channels on Youtube,   I've been taking mental notes of what looks cool together and whatnot, and I've been waiting for it to finally cool down a bit (eighty degrees is still hot, ok!) so I can layer all my clothes at once, and today I did!

So, first I put on some black striped tights, and this adorable leotard that I got last week from H&M. Also wow what a bad doesn't look this bad in person, honestly.

 Then I put this lacey button-up top that I got a couple years ago from either H&M or Urban Outfitters...?

 Then these denim shorts that I shredded around the pocket, from a little local thrift store, and my go-to belt that I braided together from some yarn I had.

 On top of the lace, I added my boyfriend's old flannel, and I rolled the sleeves up.

 AND this amazing jacket from a consignment shop around where I go to school. It was so perfect for today because while everyone at school was wearing their cotton hoodies and complaining about them soaking up all the water from the rain, this jacket kept completely dry, was warm, and not to mention it's huge and looks like I borrowed a grown man's jacket, but HEY all the more reason to love it.

 I wore the same three 25cent rings that I always do (which you can see in the picture of the lace top), and the five metal rings that I wear everyday since I made my friend buy them for me two weeks ago. This is the gorgeous necklace I wear, one of my favorites right now, I got it at the L.A. County Fair, and that lump below the skull is actually this really rad lavender crystal.

 This is just the metal cuff I wore, I got it from a little store in the mall, for something like a dollar or two.

 So, all in all, look at these layers, man!

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