Saturday, January 21, 2012

7//99cent sale!

This great new thrift store that I've started going to just had a 99cent sale yesterday! I was so lucky that my boyfriend felt like taking me there after lunch, or I would have never known!
Sadly, I couldn't spend very much money (he gave me some money but I didn't want to spend it all), and ended up spending $4.31 on four different things. Hopefully the next time they have such a nice sale I'll have some more money to spend!
Anyway, these are what I got:
this light purple flannel, which was too big but the color was too good to pass up! so i cut it to where my hand is folding it in the picture and now it's kind of cropped and great.

THIS wonderful jacket!! this is a bad picture (maybe i'll post a better one later?) but it looks a little like tapestry-type floral fabric, although it's pretty thin. but the great thing is that the store was originally selling it for ten dollars so i never wanted to buy it before (because ten bucks seems like a lot to me since i've started shopping at thrift stores!), but no one else bought it either so i got it for 99cents!

aah and this rad little structured bag! i shouldn't have used flash in this picture but oh well. it's more red than orange, as you'll see in the next few pictures...  

it opens up pretty wide (it reminds me of a lunch bag) and has so many pockets, which i love!

it even has this little mirror and the front part zips down (you can kind of see this in the second picture from the side) and has a billion pockets for credit cards? and then of course it snaps shut and it's just awesome and small, and i've really been into structured bags lately so i love it! i'm also thinking that if i get tired of the bright red color, i could spray paint it metallic silver or something!

oh and also, SO sad that i couldn't buy this, but it was this beautiful strapless corset, beaded and embroidered all around it. i wish i would've bought it but (as i've said before umm) i have boobs haha and also it was a small i think, so i said i silent "why?!", put it back in the rack, and walked away slowly. 

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